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Traditional Makeup        
24hr Airbrush Makeup   
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*Ask about our custom blend foundations customized to fit your skins precise complexion. The best part is getting to witness the “MIX” right in front of you!

Beauty in Glam Makeup


Get pampered celebrity style with our 24hr airbrush makeup application, providing you with full coverage and smooth appearance. The benefits include coverage for scars, redness, uneven skin tones or texture, as well as tattoos! It is the ultimate choice for rosacea, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and oily skin. Airbrush is also waterproof resistant to tears, humidity, and perspiration. 


A traditional application gives the ability to create a lighter to full coverage effect. Contouring is available to provide a more dramatic look for you to walk down the isle, red carpet style. Whether you’re looking for a more natural appearance or editorial, we have the trick for long lasting makeup, allowing you to look refreshed for photos throughout the night. 


We highly recommend an individual lash set 3 days before the big day. Not only will it be great for pictures, but you can wake up with no makeup the very next day! Individual lashes are perfect for the “after wedding” celebrations such as brunch or a day at the beach! If you enjoy them for more than just the big day, you have the option of getting them filled every 2-3 weeks.


Strip lashes are always great for a 24hr celebration period. If you typically enjoy a low maintenance schedule, these are perfect for you because they come right off at the end of the night with a little soap and water or oil. Strip lashes are the perfect touch to complete your look and the photos come out amazing. Lashes are a must have!

Eyes and Brows

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